sweeter than heaven

and hotter than hell
This is what happens when you bring a box of corgi puppies to a college apartment… (x)


Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

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I got nine lives
Cat’s eyes
Usin’ every one of them and runnin’ wild


six different types of love (a:tla vers.)

eros (suki/sokka) » passionate physical and emotional love
mania (ty lee/azula) » obsessive, possessive, jealous lovers
ludus (jet/katara) 
» love played as a game
storge (toph/sokka, toph/aang, katara/aang) 
» affectionate love developed from friendship
pragma (mai/zuko) 
» love ruled by the head; not the heart
agape (zuko/katara) 
» selfless, altruistic love 

 (inspired by this)

this is a ghost story, remember? a tragedy.


Sansa Stark - Jenny Packham fall 2013


Sansa Stark - Jenny Packham fall 2013

Track Title: Radioactive (Piano Cover)

Artist: Imagine Dragons


Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Piano Cover)

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fanged four quotes (part I)


have you ever loved a character so much that thinking about them is like getting repeatedly hit in the chest with an elephant 


F A C E  F L A S H I N G  W I T H  C R I M S O N  F R O M  T H E  F I R E S  O F  H E L L

Cos if you bury me, I’ll bury you and the dogs might come bury us too. A mix for Rickon Stark, future king of Westeros. { l i s t e n }

001. Flesh & Bone | T H E  K I L L E R S
002. The Prodigal Son | T H E  B L A C K  A N G E L S
003. We Share Our Mother’s Health | T H E  K N I F E
004. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool | E D I T O R S
005. Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & Bon Iver) | K A N Y E  W E S T
006. Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue | F U J I Y A  &  M I Y A G I
007. The Modern Leper | F R I G H T E N E D  R A B B I T
008. Blood In Your Mouth | C O L O U R  R E V O L T
009. Over The Falls | J O S I A H  A L T S C H U L E R
010. The Wolf | F E V E R  R A Y